Just released! "After Party"

I've been meaning to do something a little more serious with my writing. Smashwords.com has given me the opportunity to do just that.

The Parting Thought

I think about how fate and time and stars have conspired against us, against our pursuit of pleasure and the comfortable embrace of our company.

Death by Caffeine

How many cans of energy drink will you have to drink in order for you to drop dead? I'm glad you asked that question!

Jet Powered School Bus? Yeah, we have one of those...

Big Bend, Wisconsin native, Paul Stender grew up racing motorcycles and snowmobiles.

Book Review: The Mask of Our Fathers by Barry Napier

When I first started reading novels as a young teen, I started by raiding the Stephen King section of the public library.

Book Review: The Phoenix Group: Rising by Colin Andrews

Author Colin Andrews opens up his first novel like a poker dealer dishing out several hands at once. You are introduced to several characters in short order as the action gets fired up right away.

Like a Honey Badger...

There are times when things start to over flow and you end up losing perspective. You stop caring. You get angry. In short, you go Honey Badger.

Book Review: The Hero Always Wins by Robert Eaton

I am a huge fan of stories that take me along for the ride. I like larger than life characters, feats of derring do, magic, passion. They make for a great time.

Saturday Shorts: The Prince Detective

So I decided to write something a little more serious for my new submission. It didn't win but I was happy with the fort and it gave me an idea for a short story to play with.

Pint Sized Revelation

I love to write but with life being what it is, I don't have the time to indulge in it as often as I would like.